Saturday, 20 June 2015

Sanctioned psyker (W40K)

This week I finished painting Mortimer Verin, a sanctioned psyker for my inquistorial agent collection.  Verin is ex-Cassiene XXIX Imperial Guard, picked for his steadfastness & reliability on the battlefield.  Once his high-resistance to Warp influence was confirmed, Inquisitor Lord Augustus Dissero Isiah took him into his service.  Verin's speciality is in harnessing offensive & destructive energies of the Warp in a controlled manner, though he is also capable of casting protective wards & other esoteric powers.  Though the rigours of Warpcraft have begun to degrade his body, Verin is still relatively young, & so is still physically capable in combat situations.  He wears an Aegis hood to protect him against psychic attacks, & carries a laspistol for emergencies.


  1. Lovely work, man - really dig how that turned out!

    1. Cheers, Mordian. I really like this sculpt - one of my favourites from GW.