Friday, 25 March 2016

Russian Civil War characters

I painted a few figures for my 28mm-scale Russian Civil War collection this week.  Here is Katya & Semyon, both from the Artizan Designs 'Thrilling Tales' range.  Their poses are old-school & quite static, but nicely detailed nonetheless.  I see Katya as a 'White' - perhaps the daughter of an aristocrat who has lost his property & power in the revolution; whilst Semyon looks like a no-nonsense Bolshevik hard man to me.  Katya could be used as a White partisan leader or even a VIP... (I'm considering adding a pistol holster to her belt using Green Stuff, as she is sculpted unarmed, but the 'bandolier' pockets of her coat suggest that she knows how to use a gun).  Semyon could be a Red partisan leader or Red Army NCO I think.

I'm very pleased with how the tones came out on Semyon, especially his quilted jacket, but I'm not entirely happy with my painting of Katya - I think her coat needs some darker grey shading in the recesses, & I'm not entirely convinced that her 'imperial purple' hair ribbon fits the overall scheme.  Maybe it will work once her coat has some darker shading, or perhaps the ribbon should simply be black.


  1. Bags of character in both and Semyon certainly has an air of grim determination.

    1. Thanks, Michael. These types of figures that aren't plastered in intricate details - like fantasy & sci-fi miniatures often are - feel much more straightforward to paint.