Saturday, 5 March 2016

Fourth game of Crossfire

Following on from my last post, here's a brief AAR on my fourth game of Crossfire, against my friend Tim.  Setting was the same (IDF platoon clearing a Lebanese town of Syrian commandos), but we switched forces (Tim playing the IDF role), & used different sides of the board from the previous game.  I deployed my commandos Hidden in 2 groups, one on each flank in the buildings that appeared to offer the widest avenues of fire.

Tim concentrated his platoon among the hills & rises on my right flank, & advanced on the main road via some ruins.  I chose to quickly reveal my right-most commando teams, in order to get them into better firing positions & open-up on the IDF.  Despite initially Suppressing the enemy in the ruin, I quickly lost 1 'hunter-killer' team to the return shots, & then a second team was rendered combat ineffective as Tim's forces methodically advanced with strong covering fire.  The surviving squad leaders withdrew through the town towards my remaining group of commandos, who revealed themselves by opening fire on Tim's HQ section on the high ridge in the centre of his board edge.

I tried to shore-up my defence in the centre of the table by sweeping a team into the apartment block, but these were quickly decimated by the heavy IDF fire as the enemy leap-frogged from one building to the next.

Tim's professional command of his forces made this a very quick game - soon I was merely trying to withdraw from the table with the fewest casualties, & avoiding capture.  However, I didn't even manage this - with no LoS to my right flank, which was swarming with IDF, Tim was free to drive his M113s along the side streets & into the courtyards & avenues which overlooked key points along my escape route.  My platoon commander & his remaining soldiers surrendered rather than risk the gauntlet of .50cals!  The Syrian commando force is brutally anti-tank focused, but is seriously lacking in volume of fire, & Tim's tactical mastery saw me completely outmanoeuvred, without the IDF taking any casualties. Textbook.


  1. Ouch, crushing victory for Tim, but certainly a game not lacking in drama.

  2. Tough break- I've had games like that.



  3. This was pretty much a textbook assault for me - take my time, recon by fire thoroughly, deal with enemy forces one by one. Mark did the right thing moving forces to meet me, but I don't think he had any advantages. With my forces concentrated and in cover, the Israelis' better anti-infantry firepower was always going to win out.