Friday, 18 December 2020

Titan (Giant)

Another element for 15mm-scale Sláine Hordes of the Things finished.  My Titan Dwarf army now has this Behemoth element: an actual Titan.  The Titans in the world of Sláine are the degenerate former rulers of Tír na nÓg (the Land of the Young: a prehistoric, mythical British Isles).  They were once masters of an advanced domain, but while their cousins the Titan Dwarves have retained their intellect (& skills at imbuing weapons with magic), the Titans have dwindled in number & intelligence, becoming little more than slow-witted inbred brutes, their glory days forgotten to all but a handful of their number.  

I've painted this Titan wearing shields from my planned Midgard Berzerkers & Tribes of the Tuatha Dé Danann (Tribes of the Earth Goddess, Danu).  The white/blue for Midgard, the yellow-swirls-on-red for Sláine's Sessair tribe, & the yellow/red/white tartan for the Fir Domain tribe. This characterful giant figure is from Copplestone Castings' Barbarica range.  The range has fantastic sculpting - very detailed, with absolute minimal mould lines.


  1. I like the ankle shields. Protect the bits people can reach to attack!

    1. Yeah, the details on this giant are great - I also like the skulls & severed heads. They give a sense of his scale, & also emphasize the fear factor!

      The other Copplestone Castings giant figure also looks brilliant, so I'll be adding him to my collection as an option for two Behemoths in my Titan Dwarf army - two infantry elements will need to be swapped out to take a second Titan.