Sunday, 22 May 2016

Skinks with javelins

Last week I painted-up 'D6' Lizardmen Skinks with (poisoned) javelins, for Warhammer QuestI went with a fairly 'official' colour-scheme, albeit with a slightly more neon tetra look (& also inspired by some of the more garish lizards & snakes on Attenborough's 'Life in Cold Blood'), as I think it looks so good on these figures, especially in contrast with jungle scenery & the gold.  I'm certain the Games Workshop colour scheme was inspired by the famous Aztec double-headed serpent artifact.

About seven years ago (when I last GMed a Warhammer Quest group), I finally gave up on 28mm-scale dungeoneering when I made the classic mistake of assuming £7.20 was the price of three Skaven Poison Wind Globadiers from Games Workshop (not reading the small print of "1 figure included").  At the time I threw my hands up in the air & lamented that I'd never be able to afford to populate my WQ dungeons with additional Monsters at the ever-rising GW prices (Globadiers are just a low-level foe).

This led to my (currently on-hold) 15mm-scale Warhammer Quest project... I'm pleased with how my tiny scratch-built dungeon tiles turned-out, but despite the excellently-sculpted 15mm-scale figures, this scale feels a bit lacking at times in terms of detail for this type of gaming.

Since my last foray with actual WQ gaming, I've become a lot more savvy with using alternate miniatures suppliers, & ebaying GW miniatures.  This, combined with the fact that I'm a huge fan of dinosaurs & Aztec/Mayan history means that I've wanted to collect some Lizardmen for a very long time (but never actually fancied playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles).  I like the traditional Old World setting in Warhammer, but there's always been something about Lustria (Mesoamerica/South America) for me - Aztec-dinosaurs (some of them riding bigger dinosaurs!), pirates, zombie-pirates, Amaxon tribes, & Empire conquistadors in a tropical jungle swarming with deadly creatures is a real winning fluff combination!  So I decided collecting a Lustria-themed Monster collection for 28mm-scale WQ was the perfect excuse to purchases a few packages of Lizardmen (mostly still intact plastic sprues) from ebay.  The Lustria setting was catered for back in the day by official GW rules, & there are still plenty of dedicated websites for WQ with stats, quests & so on - e.g. Warhammer Quest Chronicles.

These Skinks are the first of these figures that I've painted-up.  It's been a while since I assembled models from sprues, & I'd forgotten how lush the selection of options can be.  These GW Skinks are one of the better sprues, with some nice poses & interesting details, & I really enjoyed painting them, as well as doing the basing using various Gale Force Nine flocks, static grass, Gamer's Grass tufts, & snippets of plastic aquarium foliage.  I did agonise a lot over whether to base them more dungeon-generic (flagstones), but in the end they just look so good with the blatant Lustria theme that I went with that.  Being obsessive, this does mean that I'll have to acquire a new set of 2D6 Giant Spiders etc to put on jungle bases though  :-s

Addendum:  I noticed by a weird coincidence that GW released their reboot of Warhammer Quest last week - Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  Sadly it is set in their new post-apocalyptic Warhammer: Age of Sigmar universe (more psychedelic & OTT WQ, with new mechanisms. Ogres are now 'Ogroids', whilst the Elf is an 'Aelf' etc...), wheras I will be sticking firmly to the slightly tongue-in-cheek 'Oldhammer' universe, & ignoring AoS.


  1. These are brilliant, love the colours.

  2. If this is D6 skinks, then you're not rolling the dice when we get monster cards.

    1. Haha, probably best if you roll the dice then, especially when it comes to Kroxigor etc...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for your interest. I'm hoping to paint some more Lizardmen soon, so will take some stage-by-stage photos.

      For now, here's a description of how I painted these:
      I undercoated in brown because I find it a better base than black or white, especially when you want the colours to be bright. I then painted the whole figure in GW Hawk Turquoise, followed by 4 stages of drybrushing, adding a little more white to the Hawk Turquoise at each stage. I gave the belly & underside of the tail the brightest finish. Then I moved on to the armoured scales, which I painted in a 2:1 ratio mix of GW Midnight Blue & Enchanted Blue. I then applied a 1:1 Midnight Blue/black thin wash to the armoured scales area to pick out the recesses better. Then I highlighted the scales with a 1:1 Midnight Blue/Enchanted Blue mix, followed by another stage of highlighting with an Enchanted Blue/white mix.

      I painted the head fin in the same colours as the scales, using wet blending with the darkest hues at the base, & the lightest at the tip. The head fan was painted using GW Red Gore highlighted with GW Blood Red along the edges.

      The gold details began as a 1:1 GW Tin Bitz/Shining Gold mix, highlighted with Shining Gold, then a little GW Burnished Gold on the extreme edges.

      The wood of the weapons are a base coat of 2:1 GW Bestial Brown/black, drybrushed with a Bestial Brown/Desert Yellow mix to suggest the grain.

      I paint the business ends of my Lizardmen weapons as volcanic glass, highlighted with a black/Ultramarine Blue/grey mix, finished with a gloss varnish of 'Ardcoat or similar.

      The finishing touch are the eyes, which I painted Burning Orange, followed by Sunburst Yellow in the centre, & finally a small dot of Sunburst Yellow/white mix as a glint in the middle.

      Hope that helps!