Monday, 30 May 2016

Gigantic scorpion

Today I finished the first Large Monster for my Lustria-themed Warhammer Quest set - a gigantic scorpion.  This is a very old Games Workshop model that I picked up a few years ago in a clearance sale for £3.50 - direct from GW Online of all places!  The sculpting is a bit clunky & old-school, but it has a lot of character, & was certainly good value for money.  A scorpion body should really be elongated, & the tail much longer for effective striking, but this does the job for dungeoneering.  I based the colour scheme on a Mexican scorpion that I liked the look of - I wanted something more earthy to offset against my brightly-hued Lizardmen.

Following the size logic of giant & gigantic spiders in Warhammer Quest, I'm going to call this a gigantic scorpion, & count it as a Large Monster, because it required a Ø60mm base (2x2 dungeon squares).  It will probably need a few Wounds added to it's profile to account for being potentially open to more Warriors attacking it at once, & a slightly higher Gold value as a reward for defeating it.

Below are various photos of the finished model, including one with a Saurus Warrior for scale, & one of the base before affixing the model (click on an image for an enlarged view).


  1. What a fabulous beastie, love the base work too.

    1. Thanks, Michael. In hindsight I wish I'd bought a few of the other old-casting monsters that were on offer - especially the gigantic spider.