Monday, 2 May 2016

Zombie collection so far

It's been a busy month & I've got very little miniature stuff done.  So as a filler, here's a photo of my 15mm-scale zombie collection.  Survivors are at the front, followed by police, soldiers, & then Infected at the back - I have bags of zombies still to paint-up...

I'm still undecided as to rules to use for these.  I like a lot of the elements of Ambush Z, but I'm looking for something that focuses more on a group of survivors, & could be run with me as GM controlling the the Infected & authorities, whilst a group of players each take on the role of a single survivor.  I'd also like there to be an element of tactics within the combat itself, similar to in the Ronin rules where you can choose the balance of Attack/Defence in your combat, & also Enhance rolls at the cost of becoming won out.  I'll probably end up going for a home-brew rule set combining elements from different games.

I recently bought a copy of Frostgrave since I've read so many people's favourable reviews of it, to see if it gave me any rules ideas.  It's a very nice book, & I like the way the wizards & apprentices can be used to lead nearby figures to grab the priority.  The 'one dice roll combat' (using a D20 to determine both hit & damage) is an interesting concept.  Obviously, being heavily focused on the sorcery, Frostgrave isn't that suitable for modern zombie skirmish games, but it did re-ignite my desire to build-up my (Warhammer) Lustria collection & maybe get some adventure-gaming with that...  Aztec-Lizardmen, zombie pirates, & conquistadors in a dinosaur-infested 'lost world' setting is a winning combination for me!

Speaking of sword-n-sorcery fantasy, this week I also picked-up a cheap copy of the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game 'one rulebook to rule them all' on ebay (the version with almost all the force lists combined with the rules & various articles). I'm intrigued by the Hero system of Might/Will/Fate & how heroes are used to jump priority.  Interesting way to mix-up the I-GO-YOU-GO system a bit.


  1. That's an impressive sight!

    1. Only about another 70 zombies to go, & I'll be finished! Fortunately they are tiny...