Tuesday, 3 May 2016

IDF infantry platoon with APCs

Yesterday I put the finishing touches to my 4 M113 transports for my 15mm-scale Crossfire IDF platoon.  I say "finishing touches", but having taken these photos I've spotted that I need to paint the goggles on some of the drivers, & I'll probably add a wire aerial to the command vehicle...  These are excellent castings from Peter Pig - I love how each model came with different stowage, making each one really unique.  One of them has TOGA spaced armour, but even with that, these APCs are notorious deathtraps once the RPGs start flying!  Also, the TOGA armour negates the amphibious ability of the M113.

Disclaimer:  I am not a default supporter of the Israeli military, but merely interested in recent history in the region.


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    1. Thanks Michael. The flag was an opportunity to crack-out my ultra-tiny brush & magnifying lens. Still took 2 attempts to get it right though...