Tuesday, 25 August 2020

More snakes

This week I painted a few more bases of snakes for Warhammer Quest.  These figures are from Black Cat Bases, who have a wide range of esoteric miniatures at sensible prices.  Added to the two bases of snakes from the GW Lizardmen Cold One riders sprue that I painted a while back, that's five bases of snakes.  I think I'll add one more of the coiled snake on my next Black Cat Bases order, for a nice even 'D6' snakes encounter.

Apologies for the unformatted tall column of photos, but Blogger appears to have been 'upgraded' to remove the tools for wrapping text around & aligning images :-/


  1. Soon you'll have enough to play Stick Fight: The Miniatures Game.

    Only joking, you'd need about a hundred times as many snakes.

  2. I love the look of all the bases. Well done. I think I'll get some for Frostgrave