Saturday, 14 March 2020

Giant Ants

This week I finished 'D12' bases of Giant Ants for my Lustria-themed Warhammer Quest collection.  I will use the Giant Insects stats from Warhammer Quest Chronicles for these critters, minus the Fly ability, & therefore reducing the gold for slaying each base to a meagre 4g.  For comparison, Giant Spiders are worth 15g each.  Giant Ants are the least deadly foe in Warhammer Quest, so I may make them 'D6+6' or even simple '12' in quantity when they are encountered in the game.  I used cheap rubber joke shop ants for these, gluing two to each base as they are a little smaller than the Giant Spiders, & to better give the impression of a swarm.

These were really straightforward to paint - it was preparing the 12 jungle bases that took the time!  Next I will try chopping-up some of the many leftover ants & gluing body sections together to make some Giant Centipedes/Multipedes (they will probably only have 12 legs!) - a slightly more threatening prospect for the Warriors, at 30g each for slaying.

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