Friday, 20 November 2020

Titan Dwarf Cleric

 This week I finished another element for 15mm-scale Sláine Hordes of the Things.  This is a Cleric - a mid-level combat unit with Magician-disrupting abilities.  There's not that much information on the Titan Dwarves of Tír na nÓg available, but they worship Goibniu, the son of the Earth Goddess Danu. It is he who is said to have taught the Titan Dwarves the secrets of metallurgy and brewing and how to infuse items with magical properties. Their religion teaches that Goibniu forged the Titan Dwarves from iron and poured beer on them to give them life.

So, seeking a bit of variety in the largely barbarian (& sorceror-bolstered) forces that I have planned for my Sláine collection, I reasoned that if any faction had Cleric-type units, it could be the Titan Dwarves.  This also fits in with the trope of high fantasy dwarves being adverse to ostentatious displays of magic.

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  1. The dwarf priest really reminds me of Ian McKellan's Gandalf at the start of The Hobbit, with his beard & moustache and big nose.