Friday, 24 October 2014

Penitent heavy (W40K)

I finished painting another penitent for 'Inquisimunda' today - every warband needs a 'heavy'!  This is Makk 'Grox' Dunoll, an ex-Imperial Guardsman sentenced to fifty years hard labour for killing two scion officers in a bar brawl.  Like his fellow inmate Kolev Obasan, under the influence of the Redemptionist preacher Thwaite, 'Grox' was loyal to the Imperium during the cultist-backed prisoner uprising that ravaged the sprawling penal facility.  He fought alongside Obasan & Thwaite, killing many of the rebelling inmates prior to the arrival of Inquisitor Isiah & Adeptus Arbite reinforcements.

Unlike the psychotic Obasan, 'Grox' is calm & level-headed (some would say mildly dim-witted as well).  Though powerfully muscled, Isiah's other agents consider 'Grox' as a bit of a gentle giant.  Having joined Isiah's retinue, 'Grox' considers himself to be repaying his debt to the Emperor; but whilst the madman Obasan has remained a follower of Thwaite's brand of Imperial faith, 'Grox' has started to question some of the Redemptionist tenets.

'Grox' is a solid, dependable presence on Inquisition missions, laying down a pulverising hail of heavy bolter fire when called for.  The miniature is another of GW's Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers.

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