Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Penitent (W40K)

I'm not that satisfied with my painting on this one, but here's another agent of the Inquisition - a psychotic penitent!  This violent individual, named Kolev Obasan, was serving a life sentence of hard labour when he (along with another penitent that I'm painting) fell under the questionable pastoral influence of a Redemptionist preacher by the name of Fabian Thwaite (another figure that I'm painting).  Thwaite apparently succeeded in moulding Obasan's uncontrolled violent impulses into hatred of the heretical & the xenos, & an acceptance of a debt owed to the God-Emperor.

Along with the Redemptionist preacher Thwaite, Obasan was one of the few survivors of a cult-triggered prisoner uprising at the penal facility, during which he appeared to stay loyal to the security forces, killing a large number of rioting prisoners.  After the rebellion had been suppressed by Imperial reinforcements, Inquisitor Isiah found Obasan sitting in his unlocked cell, caked in the dried blood of his fellow inmates, muttering prayers to the Emperor.

Most of Isiah's other agents have a grave mistrust of Obasan, viewing him as an unpredictable liability; but the inquisitor values the havoc that the penitent can cause in the right circumstances.  When called for, Obasan is usually accompanied by the preacher Thwaite, & wears a collar that can inject combat drugs such as 'Slaught & Frenzon, as well as a tranquiliser when the mission is over... Or the killing is getting out of hand...

Obasan's equipment of choice is a meltagun, chainsword, a variety of grenades, & an auspex to help with tracking down his prey.  The miniature is one of Colonel Schaeffer's Last Chancers from GW.

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