Saturday, 18 October 2014

Interrogator (W40K)

Today I put the finishing touches to another 'Inquisimunda' player character.  This is Interrogator Rath Hespidar.  Having graduated from the junior rank of Explicator, Hespidar was attached to Inquistor Isiah's staff by the Ordo in order to gain field experience.  Hespidar is ruthlessly efficient, humourless & completely by-the-book.

Inquisitor Isiah has appreciated Hespidar's professionalism over the many years he has served him, but the pair have never bonded that closely.  Privately, Isiah believes that Hespidar's inflexibility is holding him back from attaining the rank of full inquisitor.  Nevertheless, Hespidar has a calculating, highly tactical mind, & serves excellently as Isiah's representative & mission coordinator.  As the newly promoted inquisitor lord has retreated every more into private esoteric studies & strategic planning, Hespidar is often in direct command of operations.

The figure is a GW Armageddon Steel Legion sergeant, with sections of GW Chaos Marauder armour added to his shoulders using Green Stuff putty.  The purity seal is from a Space Marine sprue.  He wears flak armour, & is armed with a power sword & bolt pistol loaded with psy-bolts.  His breathing is assisted by a respirator following a lung wound suffered during the Heliosphan Purge.


  1. Very cool! The subtle conversions really gives him a sense of menace - good stuff, man!

    1. Cheers, Mordian. My friend & I ran a play-test scenario today, & he lived-up to his background, efficiently picking-off cultists with his bolt pistol; then going into a room of seriously wounded heretics that had been chainsawed by another agent (a Redemptionist fanatic), & putting a round in each of their heads!