Sunday, 19 October 2014

Crusader (W40K)

Another 'Inquisimunda' player character finished - an Ecclesiarchy crusader!  This deadly woman is Arabella Solbun, a close combat specialist who takes the fight straight to the heretic/mutant/witch/daemon, & is armed with a force blade & psy-bolt-loaded bolt pistol.  She has minor psychic abilities, mainly centred around combat-ability-enhancement.  Solbun was an orphan raised by a minor Adeptus Sororitas order on the Ecclesiarchy shrine world of Cyclosa.

When evidence of her latent psychic abilities began to manifest on the cusp of adulthood, she was incarcerated by the sisterhood, & transferred to a Black Ship for shipment to Terra or immediate termination as deemed necessary.  However, aboard the Black Ship, a young inquisitor named Isiah recognised Solbun's unusual strength of mind, & spared her from a fate as fuel for the Golden Throne or execution as a dangerous witch.  Over the following years Isiah trained Solbun to further fortify her mind & hone her psychic talents, completing her transformation into a lethal weapon of holy purpose.

The figure is another from Hasslefree miniatures ('Jenova'), with a bolt pistol from a Space Marine sprue added to her left hand.  She is protected by carapace armour & an aegis hood in the form of a golden halo.  I enjoyed painting the finishing touch of light-sourcing around her force blade, & am really pleased with the result.

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