Sunday, 12 October 2014

Kroot mercenary (W40K)

Another figure for my 'Inquisimunda' campaign - a vicious-looking Kroot mercenary with pistol & knives.  This is an NPC rather than a player character, but I can't say too much about his background as the players Tim & Dom may read this post.  I converted the pistol by cutting away the original rifle barrel, & filing the stock down.
The pistol barrel was gleaned from one of the holstered ones that comes with the kit.  GW's Kroot sprues are some of my favourite - lots of nice primitive details like hide pouches, bones & other fetishes.  I'm more pleased with my paint job on this figure than the Void Mistress, & I particularly enjoyed doing the bone hilts to the weapons, the skin patterning, & the quills.

After over a year painting only large numbers of 15mm figures, it's been a nice change of pace to be able to concentrate on single 28mm scale characters, though I'm still getting my hand/eye in with painting quality.  I'll definitely tidy-up the blue highlights on the Void Mistress's coat after getting neater results on this model.

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