Wednesday, 2 April 2014

UMC Vertical TakeOff/Lift flyer (TW)

This week I finished my Unified Marine Corps VTOL flyer, for Tomorrow's War The model is the 15mm scale Sabre Class Dropship, which is a really nice sculpt.  After initially painting it dark green (Black Hawk style), I consulted my gaming comrades Tim & Dom, who advised that I stick with my established UMC camo scheme, but with an old-school sky-tone underside (slightly turquoise to suit the extraterrestrial setting).  The one thing I may add to it are small feet on the legs of the troop pod, because currently the nose of the VTOL is lifted by the underside of the chin gun when 'landed'.  The optional flying base is a GW Battlefleet Gothic battleship one, with the tallest stem.

I'm still considering naming choices for this flyer, but I'd like 'Buzzard' to feature in the designation.  I want to accommodate the possibility of buying the dual AT cannon variant in the naming convention...  Getting a 2nd model will also allow me to try alternate positioning for the direct thrust engines.  I went with the takeoff/landing vertical positioning for this VTOL, as it is the transport variant.

The Tomorrow's War stats that I have in mind for this VTOL are:

 'Buzzard' VTOL
Crew: 2 (12 passengers)        Class: Heavy        Type: VTOL
Armour: 3D10
Chain cannon (Strafe / Chin Gun Snipe AP:6/AT:3[M])
Vehicle Attributes:  Tech Level 2, Advanced Fire Control, Lifesaver, Nightvision.


  1. Sorry PC- missed this one first time round. Nice treatment of this VTOL, this is the Rebel Minis model?

    1. Thanks. Yeah, Rebel Minis Sabre Class Dropship. I really like their Gunship version of this too.