Monday, 31 March 2014

3rd UMC Armoured Fighting Suit (TW)

I finished my 3rd Unified Marine Corps walker at the weekend.  This one has what I'll call the 'Scythe' loadout of two chain cannons in place of the balanced 'Sabre' loadout of my first two walkers.  As background fluff these AFSs will be the 'Moa' design, manufactured by an Australasian corporation.  I'm thinking of  maybe having animal names for all the UMC vehicles, wheras the colonials will have more poetic or elemental designations for their mecha.

The models are 15mm scale resin Rebel Minis ViPeRs, which I really like aesthetically, & are easy to assemble, with minimal flash.  The only fiddly part was my personal choice to razorsaw them off their integral oblong bases, & mount on laser-cut circular ply, to match the look of my infantry.  It doesn't show that well in these photos, but the cockpit canopies are gloss varnished, to better suggest 'amoured glass'.

Below are Tomorrow's War stats that I have in mind for the Moa AFS (using the US AFS stats from the core rulebook as a basis):

Moa AFS - 'Sabre' loadout
Crew: 1        Class: Light        Type: Walker
Armour - Front: 3D8, Side: 3D8,  Rear: 3D8, Deck: 2D6
Chain cannon (Hvy. AP:6/AT:3[M])
Rail repeater (AP:3/AT:4[M])
Vehicle Attributes:  Tech Level 2, Advanced Fire Control, Hardened, Lifesaver, Nightvision.

Moa AFS - 'Scythe' loadout
As 'Sabre', but
2x  Chain cannon (Hvy. AP:6/AT:3[M])

Moa AFS - 'Hammer' loadout
As 'Sabre', but
2x  Rail repeater (AP:3/AT:4[M])

...Although these stats may be revised after suggestions / playtesting.

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