Monday, 24 March 2014

More combat androids (TW)

Over the weekend I painted & based-up another 8 'AIT-7 Ashigaru' combat androids for my Tomorrow's War Colonial force.  I have 2 flamethrower android teams to convert, then that's one 'cadre' finished.  Ultimately I'd like to double that number to complete my 'droid infantry.  Unlike the Human marine-heavy Solar expeditionary force, the army of the Colonials will comprise of a large number of androids & AI armour pieces.  These are the 'droid footsoldiers, but they won't be dumb cannonfodder...

For those familiar with Force on Force / Tomorrow's War, I was considering TQ:D6/M:D12 at first, but following the rules precisely they would have to be TQ:D8/M:10 as Tech Level 3 Bots.  This would make them better soldiers than their opponents in the Unified Marine Corps, as their Troop Quality & Morale would match, but they will have the various Bot advantages like everything being in Optimum Range, no penalties for firing when moving, Armour: 2D etc.  This might not be a bad thing though, it just makes them a challenging prospect.  With flamethrowers added in the mix, these 'droids could become the bane of the UMC.

The miniatures are the fantastically sculpted 'Shalur Mercenaries' from Rebel Minis.  The variety & quality of the Shalur poses is really impressive.


  1. These are very nicely done, PC- it's good to see these painted up, as I believed they were nice sculpts, very much like another of their alien races, the name of which escapes me! Anyhow, these look terrific, so congrats!

  2. Thanks. It's a really simple one-colour scheme, with only the inked black recesses, upper-surface highlighting, & red lenses/sensors to pick out the details, but I'm very pleased with how these came out.

    Rather than blending into the terrain with camouflage like the UMC, I see these bots as a bit mantis-like, looking like part of the jungle itself.