Monday, 3 March 2014

UMC officers, medic & TAC (TW)

Back to Tomorrow's War here: today I finished four 'characters' for my Unified Marine Corps force.  Below are the company CO & a platoon leader.  For rank markings I used dots on the left pauldrons - the CO has 3, the platoon leader 2, & squad leaders have 1; but these guys also follow my Force on Force method of having the senior officer standing, & the subordinate kneeling, for easy-ID:

And below is a medic and a TAC (possibly calling-in an orbital strike!).  The figures are 15mm scale - Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines.


  1. Wow, some more of that crazy camouflage- I love it!

    1. Thanks - I'm certain I'm sticking with this scheme now. It works against the vivid alien jungle I'm building up, but I was worried about the purple to start with.