Tuesday, 11 March 2014

UMC Armoured Fighting Suit (TW)

I finished my 1st mech-suit for 15mm scale Tomorrow's War this week.  Very pleased with it.  The model is the fantastic ViPeR from Rebel Minis, & I think I've finalised the Unified Marine Corps vehicle camo scheme now.  After my initial attempt on the Warthog scout/patrol vehicle, which came out more blade-like in pattern, I tried more creeper-like shapes on this AFS.  I will alter the Warthog's scheme to match this now.

I haven't decided on a name for this class of AFS yet (suggestions welcome), but it is certainly heavily-armed for it's size.  I'm going to call that a chain cannon (anti-infantry/light vehicle) on the right mount, & a rail repeater (anti-armour) on the the left.  I'm planning to put together 2 squadrons of 3 AFS with this balanced weapon configuration, plus 3 'specialist' walkers - 1 with dual chain cannon, 1 with dual rail repeater, plus 1 with a labour/recovery loadout (only clamp/cutter arms).


  1. Hi PC. That's some meaty beast! If you are going with the 'jungle' theme, then I think you are probably right to 'soften' the hard edges of the camo pattern, in keeping with the environment. Nice work again, by the way!

  2. Thanks. I've been working on a couple more of these walkers, so should have a trio finished in the next few days.