Saturday, 19 April 2014

Revised colonial militia fighter (TW)

Here is my revised paint scheme for colonial militia in Tomorrow's War.  Based on feedback, I've reduced the diversity of colours (though I have kept the bright orange in the form of the base colour of the spots on the camo hood).  There's still a lot of colour on the figure, which is something I definitely want, but they are now mostly traditional forest tones.  I was a inspired by WWII 'autumn oak-leaf' Wehrmacht paratrooper camouflage for the hood.

I think I'll go with this general scheme for my 'scratch' militia - keeping the hoods the same, but with variations in tops and trouser colour.  This figure is wearing captured UMC gear (trousers and some of his equipment pouches).  One aspect of my militia figures I haven't decided on yet is the goggles that some of them are wearing.  On other test minis, I have painted these in the same green as the gun casing & with red lenses, to match my colonial androids.  This is for a bit of uniformity, & to suggest similar manufacturing source.  However, this looks quite toy-like, so I'm thinking I may go with gunmetal and various coloured lenses.  I think the gun casing and lenses alone should be enough to visually link the militia with the combat droids.

As mentioned before, I am using Rebel Minis Sahadeen for my militia.  These are 15mm scale figures mounted on 1p bases.


  1. Looking great. I like the weapon colour.

  2. Yep, I think this may possibly be a slight improvement, although I thought the original was okay, and blended in well with the bold colours of your terrain foliage.

  3. Thanks Barks & Gunrunner. Now I've got to paint a ton more of these!