Monday, 21 April 2014

Tier One Personality (FoF)

Today I finished a 'Tier One Personality' for Force on Force games in Somalia.  I was specifically thinking of Osman Atto (financier of Aidid's militia) when I was painting this figure, as there is a scenario of his capture in the 'Day of the Rangers' book; but I'm going to be painting-up a group of similar figures which can represent High Value Targets or hostages.

The figure is from the Rebel Minis 15mm Hostages pack.


  1. A character from one of my favourite films.....Hoo-ah!

    1. Yeah, great film by a great director, & the scene with Osman Atto is good, although apparently his real-life capture was not so slick as depicted in the film.

      I think Black Hawk Down is a very powerful depiction of the stresses & trauma of combat, one of my favourite war films, though it does fall short in not showing directly the extent of the civilian casualties caused by the brave US forces who were forced into a dire & frantic fight for survival.