Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pariah (W40K)

Today I finally finished painting this Inquisition agent for Warhammer 40,000 / 'Inquisimunda'.  It was strange going back to 28mm scale after many months of 15mm painting, but I found the detail work a lot easier!  This is Issla Black, a pariah in the entourage of Inquisitor Augustus Dissero Isiah.  Her soulless psychic-null-effect is much valued by the Inquisitor & his other agents.  Issla is young & much less experienced than many of her comrades, so combat-wise she won't excel as highly.  Nevertheless, she is armed with a pair of stub pistols, & knows how to use them. 

This figure is one of the many fantastic sculpts from Hasslefree Miniatures - Dionne (b) from their Modern Adventurers range. 


  1. Aaargh, PC, come back to the dark side!! Actually, it's pretty nice so you're forgiven for going 'up scale'.

    1. Don't worry, it's only a temporary delve up-scale (I can't afford to buy much 28mm scale!)

      Having looked at this mini again, I think I'll rework her skin to be much paler. 40K humans look best when they look like they've been living in shadow all their lives.

    2. I know what you mean- it sort of goes with the whole gothic ethos of 40K!