Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hostile Somali civilians (FoF)

This week I painted up some 15mm scale hostile Somali civilians.  I will use these (alongside Somali gunmen) in Mixed Mobs for 'Day of the Rangers' Force on Force scenarios.  My next batch of single-based Somali civilians will be less actively hostile, & will include some female figures in traditional African dresses.  Mixed Mobs are a challenging prospect for the UN / US player, as he will want to avoid civilian casualties where possible, but when faced with armed militia amongst groups of civilians, this becomes very difficult.

 The figures are mostly Rebel Minis Modern Rioters, which are excellent sculpts with very realistic proportions; although their hoodies make them a bit more suitable for Western/Northern unrest settings.  I have saved the figures with placards for use on Hostile Mob bases, whilst there is another variant in the pack wearing a trenchcoat that doesn't fit the African setting.  The mini with the chainsaw is from the Peter Pig AK 47 Republic Range Looters pack.