Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tyranid kraken (BfG)

Following on from my lesser Tyranid escort bio-ships, here are some of the kraken that I have built using W40K 'Nid pieces.  As these heavier escorts lack spore cloud 'shields', but benefit from extremely durable carapace & powerful regenerative abilities (ie. always count as on Brace for Impact orders, without the penalties), I painted them with orange instead of yellow, to mark them out more on the tabletop (I had bees in mind rather than wasps).  Below are my favourites - Hailburners with nasty (for an escort analog) Firepower 6 pyro-acid batteries!  These were made using Termaga(u)nt bodies with the limbs carved away, + plating & devourer muzzles for the 'prow' batteries.  The lower-most Hailburner has battle-damage to it's carapace.

Next is the kraken species (sub-species?) that I have dubbed Terrorcisor.  Again these use Termagaunt bodies & bits of plating, each with 3 Hormagaunt scythes to make up the massive claws.  Like the vanguard drones with feeder tentacles, these can be destructive if they can get into contact with enemy ships, but I have found that my kraken become priority targets in most battles that I have played...

I have also built a brood of boarding torpedo-armed kraken using Hormagaunt bodies & spinefist 'muzzles', to be most economical in maximising the number of ships I can build using all the pieces from the sprues.  Although the BfG Armada supplement mentions that kraken can vary greatly in size & form, I think it would look better to remodel these with the bulkier Termagaunt bodies, to match the other kraken above.

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