Sunday, 12 February 2012

Engineering bay (W40K)

It took quite a few evenings & weekends, but I finally finished my Warhammer 40K engineering bay.  My Inquisitor campaign will mainly consist of 'bitesize' encounters inside buildings & installations, so I needed a selection of rooms & corridors that can be moved around for different set-ups.  The first scenario, set during the inspection of a Rogue Trader's vessel, calls for various spaceship corridors, an engineering bay, & a large cargo hold.  I began with the engineering section, & it was more time consuming than I expected...

The walls are made from foamcore sheets, with thin card girder & access panel details.  I painted everything before gluing it together so it was less fiddly.  For the doors at the edges of the rooms section above I used a Necromunda bulkhead in the main corridor, & the W40K Manufactorum door from the Imperial Sector box in the side corridor.  The doors to the chambers are the power room (double) door & store room doors from Copplestone Castings, which has an excellent selection of furnishings etc in both the 'Future Wars' & 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' ranges.  A half-globe Manufactorum lamp is fixed above the double doors.  The floor panels are sections of thin card cut in an interlocking pattern.  The bases are thick plywood.

To add more detail, I used etched brass panels & gratings from Hasslefree Miniatures on the walls & floor plates, riveted girder sections from the W40K Basilica sprues, as well as the skull-topped auto-censors from the same source to ground the setting firmly in the Imperium.  There are also thin bamboo skewer pipes & mains feeds (with circular sockets cut from those cylindrical sprue bits).  I wanted this engineering bay to have a techy but not neccessarily Mechanicum look to it, so I painted the walls with Red Gore highlighted to Blood Red in obeisance to the Machine God, but stuck away from any Priesthood of Mars cog icons.  Most of the details are finished with a mixture of Boltgun Metal & Tin Bitz, whilst the outer walls are painted grimy & oily to represent either cavities within a vessel/installation, or the external walls of an industrial building.

I think it needs more heavy-duty dieselpunk pipes & bits - it's a bit too flat & tidy at the moment.  However, I'm in the process of painting-up various control consoles, cogitators & chairs for this scenery.  I'm keeping them separate so that I can place them in other rooms as needed.  Now I just need to construct a lot more of this kind of thing...

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