Wednesday, 8 February 2012


So here it is.  I've finally started a blog intended to encourage my efforts in the arena of miniature construction/painting & wargaming, with the incentive to showcase my attempts at model-making & painting, & to see what fellow wargamers are up to.  I tend to be sporadic with my miniatures/gaming interests, which continue to expand, so I need to improve my focus...

I have been wargaming for about 16 years, ever since I was inspired to explore the Warhammer 40,000 hobby by the classic 2nd Edition John Blanche box art of the Blood Angels driving a wedge through an Ork army.  Necromunda, Gorkamorka, Epic 40,000, Warhammer Quest, & eventually Battlefleet Gothic were added to my list of gaming interests.  The dark & terrible setting of W40K continues to capture my imagination all these years later.

This was followed by several long-running 4 & 2 player Star Wars D20 RPG sagas.  Over the past couple of years I have collected 28mm Russian Civil War Bolshevik & White forces, & now 15mm IDF, PLO, & Syrian armies.  My wargaming activities have a strong slant towards collecting & painting armies, but I also enjoy the gaming aspect.

Most recently I have been involved in a 3 player Battlefleet Gothic campaign, & have begun to play Force on Force in a 1982 Lebanon setting.  I'm currently playing Sath Cropper - a Halfling vagrant/scrumper - in my friend's RPG, which uses modified Dungeons&Dragons rules.  I have plans to GM a W40K Inquisitor skirmish/adventure campaign using the Necromunda rules.

I'm currently sorting-out the layout of this blog, but I will soon begin posting a largely visual log of miniatures, table-top terrain, related wargaming bits, & perhaps some RPG stuff.

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