Saturday, 25 February 2012

Death-cult assassin (W40K)

Back to Warhammer 40,000 / 'Inquisimunda' now, after the BfG binge.  This is Lamma Thoss, a death-cult assassin & Inquisitorial agent.  I based her on the Hasslefree Miniatures Kat figure which in my opinion is a much more dynamic model & better sculpt than the GW death-cult assassins.

However, I felt the short sword in her right hand was a bit plain, so I removed her hands & replaced them with suitably dainty ones holding the elegant swords from the Wood Elf Glade Guard sprue.  In the 2nd Edition (Necromunda era) rules I will be using for the Inquisitor campaign, these will count as poisoned blades, each dealing D3 wounds.

As you can see, she is also armed with a stub pistol as backup.

Lamma Thoss is a death-cult assassin, who learned the art of silent killing in the janissary temples of Ichestra Minor.  Inquisitor Isiah visited the world specifically to recruit a skilled assassin, & Thoss was the student who impressed him the most.  As her first mission, & proof of her abilities, Isiah ordered Thoss to infiltrate the Ichestrian Royal Palace and kill Prince Thysar.  She did this unquestioningly, trusting the inquisitor’s authority implicitly.  She slayed several janissaries of her own temple during the mission, & killed the prince with a poisoned needle to his spine.  Only after her return, whilst leaving the system, did Isiah reveal that Prince Thysar had been consorting with Archenemy agents in the Hiidan Straits.  In addition to covert ‘wet-work', Lamma Thoss often acts as a bodyguard to Isiah, when the presence of one of his more brutish agents is inappropriate.

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