Monday, 20 February 2012

Tyranid cruiser (BfG)

Here is my first Tyranid cruiser analog, species: Pyromaw.  I constructed this using a 'Nid Warrior body, with devourer muzzles sculpted base-to-base for the prow pyro-acid battery, & biomorphs for the broadside acid glands.  The front boarding torpedo launchers are Termagaunt spinefists.  I decided this model was tapering too thin towards the aft, so I carved-up Warrior thighs to create a pair of biological 'engine' or thruster equivalents.  Finally I added the hook to the tail using a 'Gaunt claw.

My future Tyranid cruisers will follow this same basic pattern, with different bio-weapon configurations.  I plan to build another Pyromaw to boost the medium-range firepower (unfortunately the only long-range is from pyro-acid-armed hiveships) of my Hivefleet, then get to work on an assault variant cruiser...

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