Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pyromaniac (W40K)

This is Tobius Ragg, a Redemptionist pyromaniac recruited into Inquisitorial service.  He's one of a selection of figures that I'm working on for my planned Inquisitor skirmish/adventure campaign.

I based this miniature on the Necromunda Cawdor ganger with grenade launcher.  I've pinned the muzzle of a flamer from the Cadian infantry sprue onto the end of the launcher, & added Cadian flamer tanks to the model's back.  They fitted nicely with the shoulder straps already sculpted on the figure.  The fuel pipe is some wire sleeve from a pair of old headphones.  The igniter flame is made from Green Stuff putty.  I've aimed for a black leather look using 'Ardcoat varnish, whilst retaining some red in the overall scheme to suggest the Redemptionist cult.  I'm fairly pleased with the light sourcing from the flame & the sooty effect on the flesh, but it's not perfect.

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