Monday, 17 June 2013

Public Security agents (TW)

Now that I'm comfortable with the look of my fledgling 15mm Tomorrow's War collection, I've painted some Public Security agents.  The inspiration for these was mainly the Section 9 operatives from Ghost in the Shell (I based one of the figures on Major Kusanagi), but I was also thinking of Bladerunner & The Fifth Element when working on these.

They are the first proper 'character' figures that I have painted in 15mm scale.  I thought carefully about colour schemes, & lavished more time on them than standard troopers, & I think it's paid off.  I think I've managed to achieve a bit of a unique feel to each one, to give them some sense of character.

The men are Rebel Minis Irish Hitmen figures, whilst the women are Rebel Minis Black Widow Mercs. There are quite a few other minis there that I have an eye on for my Tomorrow's War cyberpunk setting too.  More of these agents (plus Seriously Wounded variants) will follow...


  1. I think the 'Ishikawa' figure is my favourite. One quibble though - are the guns silver? it gives them a more retro rather than high-tech feel.

  2. They have shown-up here as more metallic than they look to the naked eye. I painted them dark gunmetal, then gave all but the left-hand bloke's a wash of black, because I did want his to look a bit 'retro detective'. The Major-type figure has completely black pistols as her garb is so light. I may darken the pistols further though since you've mentioned it.