Saturday, 13 July 2013

Iraqi Republican Guard (FoF)

Whilst I've been mulling over a change of setting for Tomorrow's War with my friend Tim, I've been back to painting my Iraqi platoon for Force on Force.  I've nearly completed the force, which will consist of combined Iraqi regulars / Saddam Fedayeen, as featured in many of the battles from the Road to Baghdad sourcebook.  Below is one of the 3 rifle squads I have painted. They will usually be split into a 6-man fireteam with AKs, & a 2nd 4-man support team, which carries an RPG & RPD:

To save on cost & time I've been looking at dual roles for my Force on Force armies.  These Iraqi Republican Guard can also represent Syrian PLA troops in 'Lebanon 1982' games. Below are the NCO, medic & CO, plus a 73mm recoilless rifle team:

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