Saturday, 15 June 2013

Public Security assault troopers (TW)

Sticking with 15mm scale, this week I finished some more figures for Tomorrow's War.  Here is a fireteam of Public Security assault troopers:

Public Security is a clandestine department that fights a 'ghost war' against rogue government agencies, cyber-terrorists, & corrupt multinational corporations.  These troops are called on when Public Security agents require some heavy backup, or to carry out raids or hostage rescues.  The team leader on the right has a pistol, the 2 soldiers at the front count as armed with suppressed SMGs, whilst the rear left one has an assault rifle, & the last bloke has a SAW (I cut the barrel off what I think was an SA-80, to give it a blockier near-future look).

I went with a limited urban palette & a simple mottled camo scheme (inspired by Half Life: Black Mesa) but I'm pleased with the results.  I tried painting a glowing effect on the turquoise eye lenses to add a touch of the futuristic.  These miniatures are Rebel Minis SAS, & the sculpts are of good quality, though I thought it was odd how all but the SAW gunner are modeled as left-handed.


  1. the glowing goggles/eyes really help take these guys away from their contemporary look and seem more odd and futuristic.

  2. Cheers. I have my eye out for some suitable more heavily-armoured troops, for combating rogue AI walkers etc...