Thursday, 16 May 2013

Middle East warehouse (FoF)

This week I finished a large warehouse for 15mm Force on Force.  I've kept it fairly simple, but the addition of N Scale corrugated sheet for the roller doors at the front adds a nice bit of detail I think.  I was considering looking-up Arabic text for "warehouse" or "garage", to paint a sign above the main door, but decided to leave it generic for now.  Below are a few photos of the warehouse with a Delta Force fireteam securing the structure:


  1. Hi,
    Very nice. Especially the rusted roller-door. What did you make the roller door out of?

  2. (EDITED) Thanks. The door is a section of N Gauge corrugated sheet. It seems to match fairly well with 15mm Scale minis. It's available from several online suppliers, & comes in packs of 4x 75x90mm sheets - the order code is RATIO312 if you want to look it up.

    It's nice stuff, very clear detail, but a bit tough to slice with a Stanley knife. I've been using a small razor saw to cut up sections.

    The posts each side of the door are sections of cocktail stick, & the sheet above it is cereal box card.