Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Middle East / Somali graffiti (FoF)

During my recent more-productive-than-usual phase I've been adding a few graffiti slogans to my Force on Force buildings.  As I'm trying to focus on Mogadishu scenery for Day of the Rangers at the moment, I copied or adapted most of these from DVD extras stills of the sets from Black Hawk Down.  The amateurish depictions of guns & hurried scrawly style hopefully will lend a bit more character to my terrain.  I think they have a generic enough feel for use in wider Middle East settings too.  In the future I will have to print-off some tiny posters to plaster about on the walls too.  Here's a selection of the graffiti - the total amount of blank wallspace in my scenery compared to these is high, so the street daubings won't dominate:

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