Friday, 10 May 2013

End of Games Workshop Specialist Games

I've read on several wargaming blogs (including here) today about the apparent end of Games Workshop's Specialist Games.  Forge World will also be ending their support of additional models for these ranges.  For me this news is sad.  IMO Battlefleet Gothic, Epic 40,000, Necromunda & Gorkamorka were always better games in rules & enjoyment terms than GW's mainstay brand Warhammer 40,000.

As skirmish games with plenty of suitable figures available, Necromunda & Gorkamorka wouldn't be too hard to put together should I & my gaming comrades want to delve back into them.  The main effect of this news for me is that my long-term plans to gradually add (fantastically sculpted) Battlefleet Gothic models to my existing fleets is now in jeopardy, because once the Specialist Games stock is exhausted, it'll be for good.  I guess there's always a chance of salvaging stuff second-hand from eBay though.

There are many (mainly Imperial & Chaos) ships that I would like to get, but as with all GW stuff these days, the prices are restrictively high.  I can remember when a pair of plastic Imperial or Chaos cruisers were £8.  Now they are £15. I think a metal light cruiser used to be £6ish.  Now they are £10.25-£12.30.  It's now £8.50 for 3 tiny Cobra destroyers, & £20.50 for a battleship.  My favourite was when the Kroot warsphere was still available - granted it was a bulky metal model for BFG... but £45?!  I know it's been said many times by lots of people, but who are GW aiming their products at?

Luckily I have a couple friends who between them have sizable Imperial Navy & Chaos fleets, whilst I have moderate-size Tau Empire, Ork, & (scratchbuilt) Tyranid fleets, so we should still be able to dip into BFG from time to time.

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  1. Out of interest I had a quick look at BFG stuff for sale on eBay, & there's a (slightly damaged) Repulsive class Chaos grand cruiser (no longer available from GW, but RRP £20.50) selling today with the bids already up to £31.