Saturday, 11 May 2013

Middle East barricades (FoF)

This week I put the finishing touches to my barricades for use in Middle East & Somalia games of Force on Force.  I purchased these from Peter Pig, & they have a bit of a WWII look, but I think they work well for a modern setting.  I added metal poles (cocktail stick segments) & broken wooden posts (matches), plus some N Scale corrugated sheet to make the pieces look a little more ramshackle & each one a bit different.  As there was a coffin on each piece the corrugated sheet hides & cuts down on these too (I thought an occupied coffin in all 4 barricades was a little much).

I lavished a lot of painting time on these, but I wanted to get them right as they are characterful pieces, & very useful for Day of the Rangers games where Somali mobs can construct such barricades to hamper the US & other international forces.  I need to look out the spare tyres I have leftover from some 15mm scale technicals, & add those, as historically the Somali barricades included plenty of burning tyres.  If I can stretch my skills to painted wire-wool I may actually include the fire & plumes of black smoke.


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