Thursday, 29 March 2012

Temperate terrain 1 (FoF)

As promised, here is some terrain for Dom's planned Force on Force Falklands collection.  I think perhaps the look of the main flock is a little too 'summery', but since this terrain will probably be used for WW3 games set in Europe/Russia, it's probably fine.  Firstly, below are a couple of windswept rocky outcrops, using the same techniques as my Middle East hills, but with various Gale Force 9 flocks & Games Workshop static grass:

... And below are 3 photos showing the set of 10 fences (including one converted into a gate as an after-thought).  Each section is mounted on a lolly stick (a very convenient base for 15mm scale fences!).  The fenceposts are sections of matchsticks held in place by Green Stuff, the horizontal beams are 3mm wide strips of card:

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