Monday, 26 March 2012

IDF & desert board (FoF)

On Sunday I went up to my friend Tim's flat for a couple runs through an IDF vs. PLO ambush scenario, based on Korengal Ambush from the 'Enduring Freedom' Force on Force sourcebook.  It was a good refresher on the rules.  Our friend Dom came round, & now he is hooked on FoF.  He's going to collect British & Argentinians for Falklands scenarios initially.  I'm now making him a couple of grassy gaming boards & some Falklands scenery as a gift...

Here are the IDF I painted for the ambush game (I'm finally happy with the fatigue tones, though I'll add a net effect to the helmets & bits of static grass & flock to the bases):

I finally got round to making a 2' x 2' desert gaming board for FoF.  I had the Contracting Trouble & Korengal Ambush scenarios in mind for this, but hopefully it will see plenty of use in all sorts of Middle Eastern (& Somali) engagements.  I will be leaving this one at my friend Tim's flat so I don't have to take it with me when I travel up there - I'll have to make another one for myself.  It's a thick chipboard base, covered with sand & drybrushed up through five stages.  I filled in the sides with tinted all-purpose filler to improve the look.

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