Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Middle East terrain 1 (FoF)

Some terrain for 15mm Force on Force now.  When I started collecting '1980s Lebanon' stuff for Force on Force last year, I decided to be more methodical than I have been with my longterm W40K hobbying.  I have been constructing & painting what I need to play on a scenario-by-scenario basis, starting with the 'Korengal Ambush' scenario from the Enduring Freedom sourcebook, which I am adapting to represent a PLO unit getting the drop on a Golani Brigade platoon.

Above is a long ridge representing the western rise where the two ambushing cells are positioned.  I built it up from three layers of polystyrene on a plywood base, picked into a rough ridge, then coated with pre-tinted all-purpose filler.  I added stones as boulders for a bit of cover, & then a coat of sand to the upward surfaces.  To brake-up the monotony of what will largely be ochre/tan terrain, I went with a pinkish soapstone effect for the rock.  I've modeled the far end of this ridge in cross-section so that it can be placed up against a board edge.

I've also finished a pair of scrubby, rock-strewn areas for the west side of the board (below).  These are simply plywood bases with a bit of filler-texture & stones.  The scrub is a mixture of lichen & specks of flock.  I kept the soapstone theme for these rocks, to match the ridge:


Finally, below is a closeup, featuring the first 15mm figure I ever painted, a PLO fighter from Peter Pig:


  1. Good stuff - I am a terrain scratch-builder myself and must admit, one of the best pressies I ever got was a polystyrene cutter - can't recommend them enough!



  2. Cheers. Hmm, I think I may have to invest in one of those - they seem very reasonably priced too judging by a quick Google search.