Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Pile of rubble 3

Continuing with Necromunda, here is another scratch-built terrain piece... rubble pile 3!  As with my other recent builds, this is mounted on an old CD (topped with a disc of thing card to make it easier to paint/texture).  The mound of rubble began as lumps of polystyrene with broken bits of laser-cut MDF sprue jammed in.  This was textured with coarse paint thickener to disguise the polystyrene, & various other detritus was added (bits of drinking straw, cocktail sticks, washers, a pen tip, plastic 'flagstones', a bulkhead corner etc.)  Then a layer of sand was glued on using watered-down PVA.  Then a quick & messy paint job with basic drybrushing, followed by a little more care on the rusty metal spars.  I painted the large pipe as if it leads down to a lower level of the Underhive - could be a neat feature when using 'Tunnels' in the rules.  Or as the entrance to some nasty critter's nest...