Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sludge jellies

This weekend I made six sludge jellies for NecromundaThese are another weird critter from the Outlanders supplement.  They reside in the sludge lakes & industrial effluent pools found in the Underhive, & rise to the surface to ensnare passing creatures or gangers with their stinging tendrils.  Once paralysed, victims are slowly dragged into the sludge pool in a rule called 'Gooing Gooing Gone' in the book  :-D
Each of my sludge jellies is made from half a pistachio shell for the body, topped with a crest sculpted from Green Stuff putty.  The tendrils are from Black Cat Bases, & the laser-cut ply bases are from Fenris Games, textured with coarse paint thickener.

Most sludge jellies are around 1-3ft across, like these ones.  But some that live in the sump sea, or have been growing in stagnant ponds for centuries can be very large... I am working on a couple of larger ones currently...


  1. I don't remember slime jellies from the necromunda bestiary. Have you considered giving these guys a coat of gloss to make them seem more slimy?

    1. They (& the sludge) do have a coat of gloss, but it was a particularly overcast day when I took the photos, so it doesn't show well - I will probably give them a second coat.

    2. Have you thought about making them translucent?

    3. Ha! I suppose you could make some in DIY resin, they'd look really cool, but it'd be a lot of work.

  2. Sweeeeeeet - I really dig those!