Saturday, 23 September 2017

Small platform & long walkways

Next up is the 'Small Platform' set from the TT Combat Industrial Hive laser-cut scenery set.  This consists of a small platform & two long walkways.  I added tiny discs sliced from plastic sprues as rivets, & also used matchsticks & a piece from the GW Imperial Sector set to give the bulkheads more relief.  Also, I sliced edges here-&-there to lend a more battered, dented look.  I painted the paneling like the saturated light-blue, & the bulkheads as bare metal, like the original Necromunda terrain & Imperial Firebase.  Then I attempted some basic rust effects & added slime & grime to give it all a proper Underhive look.

On one of the walkways, I added barrels & a crate (from various suppliers) for a bit of cover.  On the other walkway, I accidently snapped one of the railings, but decided to work with this by adding a fallen girder from the GW Imperial Sector set, as if it had crushed the rail.  Also shown here is a view of the platform prior to painting.

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