Sunday, 10 September 2017

Short walkways

More underhive scenery for Necromunda / Inquisimunda - some short walkways.  These were very easy to make - a strip of 5mm thick foamboard, with three beams of foamboard underneath, the two end beams allowing each walkway to rest neatly between structures.  I added panels snipped from cereal box card to the sides to conceal the exposed foam, & covered the top with watered-down PVA glue before laying a strip of sewing mesh over it, to represent wire grille.  I learned about sewing mesh as a metal grille effect from a YouTube terrain-making tutorial recently, & it's excellent - cheap, so easy to work with, & very effective!  The mesh needs a spray-paint undercoat as it doesn't take brush paint well straight-off.  I 'pre-damaged' the mesh prior to sticking it down, & painted these 'corroded' areas as rusty.  For variety, I added some hive-quake grit & stones to two of the walkways.


  1. Very nice- love the hazard stripes!

    1. Thanks Barks. Yeah, gotta have plenty of hazard stripes! Someone might get hurt otherwise... :-D