Saturday, 29 July 2017

Lustria-themed 'Ronin' markers

This week I painted some test markers for the Ronin Lustria side project.  This would be using custom Lizardman & Conquistador warband lists & the Osprey Wargames Ronin rules for skirmishes of 8-or-so figures a side.  First I painted these Fenris Games Ø10mm laser-cut discs in the same slightly-slimy stone style as I have been painting my Lustrian rocks & flagstones, & then I tried freehanding some symbols that hopefully lend a Lustrian feel - One blood drop signifies a Light Wound, two blood drops a Frievous Wound; one 'Aztec spiral' indicates a Stun, two 'spirals'  equals two Stuns.

I'm a bit divided over whether I should drop the 'Ronin Lustria' idea & focus on my original Lustrian Warhammer Quest project - especially because I am a big fan of classic Samurai & chanbara films, so maybe I should use actual Ronin figures & play the game as intended (I would choose the late Edo period & create a little Yakuza gang & an honourable katana school to oppose them).  One of the reasons that I am considering 'Ronin Lustria' idea is to give me a reason to scratchbuild jungle & Lizardman building pieces.  But perhaps I could simply expand upon the standard subterranean Warhammer Quest tiles, & have some open areas for that.  Shown here is one of my test dungeon tiles for Lustrian 'Quest.  I'll probably add human-height sections of block walls to better capture the claustrophobia atmosphere, & allow all sorts of Lizardmen totem & skull decoration!

Any suggestions or recommendations welcome!


  1. What a great side project! Very inventive and I cant think of a better rules set to use - Ronin is a lot of fun!

    Of course you dont have to choose between feudal Japan and Lustria you both! :-)

    1. Thanks, Paul. Haha, I would probably normally do both, but I'm trying to cut-back on the silly number of projects I have on the go. I have now decided to collect actual feudal Japan figures for 'Ronin' now though, & stick to Warhammer Quest for my Lustrian collection... at least for now!

  2. "Of course you dont have to choose between feudal Japan and Lustria you both! :-)"

    Don't encourage him! Next thing he'll be making a feudal japan themed warhammer quest set as well! (Maybe fighting your way through a castle, with high-level samurai in place of minotaurs...)