Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Syrian ZSU-23-4 'Shilka'

Not to be out-gunned by their IDF opponents, my 1980s Syrian Army force have gained a 'Shilka' this week.  Like the M163 VADS, the ZSU-23-4 is a lightly-armoured mobile AA unit that kicks out a hellish rate of fire.  Again, in Crossfire rules terms, I'll give this 5D firepower against infantry.  This is a very nice 15mm-scale miniature from the QRF moderns range.  The quad autocannons were slightly fiddly to assemble (& I'll have to be fairly careful when handling during games), but the rest of the model is very straightforward to assemble (only 9 pieces total).


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    1. I undercoated using Game Colour Cold Grey, then a couple basecoats of GC Desert Yellow, which I highlighted through two phases, adding a little white to the Desert Yellow each time. Then I added the green banding based on period photographs- it took a bit of trial & error until I was happy with the tone, but it's a mix of Citadel Colour Emerald Green, Goblin Green, & Camo Green with a touch of Bestial Brown & Chaos Black. I think I may have added a little grey to the mix to soften the dark green a bit too. Then I highlighted the raised green areas by adding a little white to this custom green.

      The exposed metal was painted with a mix of CC Chaos Black, Tin Bitz, & Boltgun Metal, although I need to add some dust & weathering to the tracks still.