Saturday, 8 October 2016

PLO snipers

Today I painted up another two tiny bases for my 1980s Arab-Israeli Wars collection - two PLO snipers. These are 15mm-scale figures from Peter Pig's AK47 range. Crossfire doesn't really require miniatures for snipers, as the rules treat them as special one-off attacks rather than true units.  However, I think it's nice to have them available as reminders of force composition, & for the limited time that they are on the table to indicate line-of-sight.

I painted the sniper with the Dragunov in 'Black September' camouflage, & the one with the M21 in a Palestinian copy of a Pakistani desert scheme, similar to the one worn by the Syrian AT commandos that I painted a while back.


  1. Nice looking snipers, well done!

  2. Very nice! The checked scarves really help sell these.