Sunday, 16 October 2016


This week I painted-up a support vehicle for my 15mm-scale IDF force - an M163 VADS (self-propelled Vulcan Air Defence System).  In the IDF's 1982 incursion into Lebanon, it was discovered that the M168 rotary autocannon on this vehicle didn't have the range to defend against the Syrian Gazelle helicopters that attacked from long-range with cutting-edge HOT missiles.  Consequently, the IDF tended to use their M163 VADS for clearing buildings of potential or identified ambushers.  In Crossfire rules terms, the vulcan cannon will have a horrific 5D firepower against infantry - however, being mounted on an M113 chassis, this unit is still very vulnerable to ATGM & RPG fire. The model is from the excellent Peter Pig AK47 range.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers, Michael, I'm looking forward to getting this one on the gaming table.

  2. Very, VERY nice.

    PS I love Crossfire too - I still have my fingers crossed for the long delayed 2nd edition

    1. Thanks, Paul. I was only introduced to Crossfire a few months back, but have thoroughly enjoyed the games that I have played. Such an innovative ruleset, surprisingly straightforward, but which really feels like it captures the essentials of modern infantry combat.