Tuesday, 29 December 2015

IDF platoon

I still need to finish painting their M113 APCs, but here is my IDF platoon for 15mm-scale CrossfireThis force represents a typical mechanised infantry platoon with three squads being led by an HQ section.  Each squad consists of a Squad Leader, with two rifle stands, one of which has an RPG shot each Initiative Phasing.  The HQ section consists of a Platoon Commander (2nd lieutenant [segen-mishne]), a 60mm mortar team, a sniper team, plus a rifle stand with RPG (which represents the sergeant [samal], medic, & remaining HQ soldiers).  Once the four M113s are painted-up, this platoon will be ready to face-off against my Syrian commandos in Crossfire games set during the 1982 Lebanon War.  These figures are all IDF from the Peter Pig AK47 range.  They are mounted on laser-cut ply bases from Fenris Games.


  1. Looking baller, dude. Ready for that Peace in Galilee

    1. Thanks! Yeah, ready to waltz with Bashir.